If It We're Thankful Thursday: I'd be thankful for...

Last night we talked over Luke 21. My brain was a little bit dead because I was so tired and just had a lot on it. So it was hard to focus on everything that was said. The one thing I think was so cool though, the exact thing I talked about in my Daily Word post yesterday, which Caleb and I did not discuss at all before hand, he brought up. It is so cool how the Lord just puts the same scripture on people's hearts sometimes. I talked about that same scripture with a few people yesterday actually. Cool! Right? 

Anyways the reason I am saying that is because I have had a total revelation on what it means to acquire wisdom. I will share it later but for today, I want to encourage everyone to read Proverbs 4 and 5. I also encourage you that as you read you ask the Lord to move through His word and communicate to you what He would have you learn or get wisdom about, that He would speak specifically to you. I love you all and I am so thankful for all of you who spend the time to read this blog. Some of you specifically who have emailed or commented. You are such a blessing! Each of you mean a lot to me and I thank the Lord for you! God is so faithful to us and I am in awe today of His goodness and His answering of prayers. It is literally blowing me away and so humbling. I am so thankful for His wonderful love. Be blessed today and be a blessing today!

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