Faithful Bloggers Prompt: What is the most pleasurable part of blogging for you?

For me, there are two major reasons I enjoy blogging. The first, I love to write that is a passion I believe the Lord has given me from a young age. The second and one of the reasons I feel that my passion for writing comes from Him, is that I get to speak freely about the Gospel and talk to people about Jesus. If they don’t like to talk about Jesus, they don’t have to stay and chat, they are free to leave without anyone even knowing they stopped by. But, for those who want to talk or just listen, He will be talked about.

This blog is the Lords and my prayer is that He would use it to encourage other bloggers, both believers and non believers, spread His love and hope by using the power of the Holy Spirit through words to transform hearts and minds, and change lives. I pray that it would be another tool to spread the really Good News.

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