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I have been trying for months to update my html to get a custom Pin button on my blog photos. After trying to do it myself through using all the code my brain knows. I took it to Pinterest. Instantly felt dumb and stubborn for not doing so before and found this awesome tutorial:

Then there's my signature. I haven't been trying for months to automatically add it to my posts, because I didn't even know you could do that! So while looking at Pinterest for the first tutorial, I found this one: 

I have also been debating for the last few months on whether or not to create a Facebook page. Well, I did it! This tutorial made it extremely easy to customize and, you know, make it cute! 

Plus her blog is awesome!
Finally, this was my own pin, but in case you have bloggers block, ever! Here is my list of go-to's. I created it with a few prompts that could be used throughout the year and more than once. 

 photo bannerfans_7519003.jpg

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