Thankful Thursday? My Car Was Stolen Last Night!

Last night during choir my little brother came and dug through my purse while I was talking to my dad in the hallway. When I walked back in he jetted out of the room with an annoying grin on his face. He then text me and told me he needed my lipgloss to show it to one of the cute little old ladies because she wanted to buy some, but wanted to see it first. So I got it out of my purse and waited the ENTIRE choir rehearsal and he never came back to get it. After choir I text Caleb and asked if he was finished in his office and he wasn't so I went down stairs to talk to Marlin and Jason, but they weren't in our usual spot. So I just headed to Caleb's office and sat with him until he was done. He took forever, by the way! We go outside and get to where I parked and I have a usual parking space too! I knew I didn't forget where I parked either, because when I drove in last night I thought, I hope that person that has taken my spot for the last four weeks doesn't get mad that I took my parking place back. So my car was literally gone! I kind of panicked inside, but Caleb seemed calm which was weird because my car was CLEARLY STOLEN!

I called my dad first but he didn't answer and for some reason, I can't remember now why or how, but Caleb got my phone and put it in his pocket. I asked for it back and he said no, just acting calm like nothing was wrong, but weird. At this point, I am thinking, "Practical jokes aren't funny when you and Landon steal my car and do something crazy!" When we got a little bit past the drive through drop off area I see my car in a different parking lot. I then begin to think about every kind of practical joke possible that could involve moving my car. I see Olivia's car and say something, but he totally plays it off with, "I think she drove the suburban." I just say okay, because she had talked about it earlier and said she might drive the suburban home.

After I open my car, I start asking where my keys are and if Landon has them, because how am I going to get home or what I am going to do without them? Caleb, just kind of sluffed off my questions, like WHAT IS THAT? WHY ARE YOU REMAINING SO CALM!? Seriously, at this point I am thinking, "Okay, if they didn't do it, I am going to freak out, and if they did do it, I still have no clue what to do next, because Caleb wasn't offering up any helpful information." Until, he pulled the keys out and handed them to me with an extra "ring" on it. I then asked, "what is that?" Really? What is that? I clearly knew what it was. Why did I ask that dumb question! He took the keys back from me and started taking off the ring while he told me that he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me and then once getting it off, he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said YES! In my head I am thinking, "Don't cry! Stop shaking! All you have to do is say 'yes' just say 'yes' that's it!" I kind of freaked myself out because I said "yes" two decibels above where he was talking, when I finally said it, then thinking, "Calm it down, Lacy, just be cool! Oh My Gosh! He is asking me to marry him! I love him so much! Thank you Jesus for this wonderful man! We're engaged! Okay, calm it down!"As soon as he stood up horns started honking and headlights started flashing. Everyone came out and said congratulations and I was and am so stinking excited!

We're engaged ya'll! I am so incredibly blessed it's unreal sometimes. I am so thankful that we serve a wonderful, merciful, gracious, and loving Father and king. I am so blessed by Caleb that I sometimes wonder why in the world God would choose me to bless with such an incredible man, but He did and I am so excited to soon be his wife, and share in Holy Matrimony in every since of the word, trusting our Great God in absolutely all of it! Serving him and loving him in a way that is only possible by the grace and love of our AWESOME God. God is so good and I am so excited to say that in the near future I will be Mrs. Caleb Lain! and I get to spend the rest of my life with him AHHHHH!!! (0:
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