These Small Things I'm Thankful For


Facebook Page:

I am so excited to announce that at the beginning of September I launched Chosen the Blog's Facebook page. Yay! I would say go "Like" it if you haven't already, but in case you don't. If you like Chosen the Blog make sure to "Like" it. Was that confusing? Too many likes?  I am so thankful to all of you who have already "Liked" my Facebook page .THANK YOU!

Hello Lovely Blog Awards & Conference:

Voting opened on October 1st! I am so excited about the responses so far! THANK YOU to all of you who have been voting and nominating other bloggers and planning on coming to the conference. I am so excited to get to meet you all in person. It's going to be so fun!

Newly {Re}Designed Newsletter:

Once upon a time I had this old newsletter was literally just a tiny little letter with a featured blogger and the best post mentioned (sorry about that). Then I decided to redesign it and add lots of wonderful content customized with what you like most about the Chosen the Blog and other resources. Please feel free to leave feedback, honest feedback please. If you don't like something let me know, if it's not working, let me know. I can't fix it if I don't know. After lots and lots of work on this little resource. I am happy to share it with you. I hope you enjoy!

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