Christmas Eve Gift!

Happy Christmas Eve Day! 

Every year our family plays this game. I am guessing back in the old days there was a prize for whoever won. My PawPaw used to tell me the prize was a Yankee Dime (kiss). I don't think it has a name it's just "Christmas Eve Gift" Whoever tells each other that first on Christmas Eve wins. Hmmm…it doesn't sound just extremely fun, but I promise, it is. I think it's because we don't get to see or talk to each other much during the holidays because it's so stinking busy, but it is another excuse to text your cousins and without saying "I love you" implying it. I love Christmas Eve Gift. Libby beat me to it this year, but she only got a few people and I beat her to the rest. We are night owls, so the last few years I have text most of my cousins probably before they were asleep and then awoke to texts back. That's a good Christmas Eve morning. I hope it is for them too. It's one of my favorite traditions!

I am so blessed by all of my cousins it's crazy to think that God has blessed our family so much and sometimes I even wonder why. I actually struggle with that sometimes. Why is He so good to us and there are others suffering or hurting, etc., but I guess the cool part of that is God has given all(I can safely say all of us) of us a passion and heart for those who are suffering and hurting and those who don't know Him and that He can and will meet all of the needs of His children. He is so good to us! I am overwhelmed thinking today about our precious King, Redeemer and Savior, Jesus Christ this morning! I am so incredibly grateful!

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