5 Awkwardly Awesome Birthday Ideas {For Him}

Today is that wonderful husband that I get too mushy about on here's birthday!!! Yay!!! I am seriously so blessed! I don't deserve such a wonderful husband, but God is so good to give him to me anyway out of His gracious love for me.

I'm about to take a step back into 6th grade… (don't judge)..

Called to be a follower of Jesus and raise up others to join in a relationship with Christ. Called to be held accountable as a minister of the Gospel and does it with grace and love at the forefront of his actions, speech, and mindset. Truly, I see it everyday!
Awkwardly Awesome, and I LOVE him that way!
Loves others in a way that I have never seen anyone else on this planet love people. Loves people with a love that is truly from the Holy Spirit and it is evident in his life, daily. (I am a more that thankful recipient of this love that God uses him to pour out to others.)
Everything I could ever ask for in a husband.
Brings me joy on a daily basis! He lays down his life everyday for the Lord and in so doing it blesses me!

I love my husband more than I could ever possibly explain and I pray for all you single ladies that read this that you would wait on the Lord for the man He has for you and that He would give you all the patience you need to wait for a man that you can honestly say all these same wonderful things about. I am truly blessed! I can't even fathom why, but that's what God does He extends grace, love, and mercy and works in such wonderful ways that escape our realm of thinking, because He loves us that much!

For all the married/fiance-ed/dating ladies that already waited, I figured I'd give you some Birthday Ideas for your husbands:

Hey Handsome
The Shirt
DIY Gifts
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