Let's Be Friends #64

I am so excited to be joining in again to the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop! It has not only grown, but it has gotten better than ever! Tiffany over at The Dwelling Tree (you can click on her button over here >>> to the right and go check it out) has now made her blog hop a content share link up instead of just a you follow me, I follow you blog hop (which is what the majority of the ones I have ever participated in have been). But this is such a neat and fresh take on blog hopping. You go read the blogger's best posts from the week and get to know their writing style and passion a lot quicker. You don't just see a blog hop button but you see great content and the blogger at her/his best. I am so excited about this and will continue to join in as much as possible and you should too!

P.S. For all of you bloggers if you missed the start to the Blog Calendar Editorial Guide, here it is.

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