Really? In Light if Eternity? {1}

Some of you may have read my post that was (I don't use this word but it's necessary to make a point) "uber" depressing last week, that I took down, because it just wasn't the right time to put it up, I will though, it will be back up, just in the right time. If you didn't read it, that's okay, just know I was in a bad depressive state of mind for a few days, and I didn't know how to climb out of it.

The past few days my sweet husband who has the patience of, I can't even say Job, because that's too over-used to make my point of how much patience my husband has, and I am so blessed to be the recipient of. Well, he has been out of town, in a time where I wondered why God's timing allowed for that since I was in my "bad depressed state of mind." However, this week, through being literally on my knees before my creator, in a humble adoration and a heart full of need and desperation for God, I truly found Him.

This might be a stretch of an example, but with the college girls I feel like I have this recurring theme song (really it's just a saying, but theme song sounds so much more fun) and it goes like this, "In Light of Eternity…"

In Light of Eternity…does it really matter that you aren't going to see your boyfriend for a week?

In Light of Eternity…does it really matter that you made a "C" on a test instead of a "B"?

In Light of Eternity…does it really matter that your boss is making you work 2 Saturdays in a row?

In Light of Eternity…does it really matter that the guy you were interested in likes someone else?

In Light of Eternity…it absolutely matters that the guy you like doesn't know Jesus!

In Light of Eternity…if we believe what we say we believe, that Jesus is who He says He is, the Son of God, who came to rescue us from the domain of darkness and through His death, burial, and resurrection bring us into His marvelous light. If He redeems broken, sinful, and wretched people, reconciling us to God the Father. The same God that moves mountains, parts seas, walks on water, brings dead men to life, makes blind to see, lame to walk, and says that He works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, so that He might get glory and we can be raised up with Him in life and joy and perfect peace and glory. In Light of Eternity do I desire God's glory above all else and if I do, then In Light of Eternity...

I use this so much that it has become second nature to me and I say it, because I do know the weight of the statement, but I don't think I always believe it for myself at first. What I mean is, for it to be such an overused statement in my own vocabulary, I forget to ask myself that question sometimes and I forget to remind myself of the power of the one true God who brings dead men to life.

So, I found myself asking…

In Light of Eternity…does it matter that all these things are happening that aren't how I thought they should go?

In Light of Eternity…does it matter that my expectations aren't being met the way I thought they should be?

In Light of Eternity…

In Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my assured Hope, and my redeeming Savior,

In Light of the cross, and the resurrection…

In Light of the Holy, Matchless, Almighty, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, Messiah, Prince of Peace, Risen and Conquering King,

In Light of JESUS…where am I placing my trust? Where am I placing my hope? Do my actions or reactions to all the stresses of life, and all the sorrow I have faced bring glory to my Father?

Today I am at a place that, well, I just have to sit at the foot of the cross of my Savior and humbly lay EVERYTHING down.

My expectations.
My needs.
My sadness.
My sorrow.
My unknowing of what's He has next.
My contentment.
My wants.
My emotions.
My feelings.

I am so thankful that "In Light of Eternity" and "In Light of Jesus" I can lay EVERYTHING down at the throne and trust and know that God is in control. He works for my good, and He uses me to bring glory to His name. He is a loving and just God that desires for us to know Him. He is a merciful and gracious Lord, that keeps every promise He's ever made. He is Love, and therefore can love me and love through me with perfect love that is so patient and kind, doesn't envy or boast, isn't arrogant, doesn't keep a record of wrongs, and absolutely never fails.

In Light of Eternity…I am thankful for opportunities to desparately desire and desparately depend of the God of the entire universe to raise me up and heal me when I am broken.

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