Finding Freedom Retreat

I have been thinking in excess today on the retreat coming up this weekend. It's a women's retreat called "Finding Freedom." I get the privilege of being apart of the conference and of helping lead worship with the North Side Baptist Church contemporary service band. I'm so thankful and excited about that. I love singing to my Lord and I love sharing in that with them. I love the heart of the band, how out of service to the Lord do they do what they do every Sunday morning.

However, more than the worship side of things, I am so excited to be able to just go and spend time with the Lord without any of the normal hustle and bustle of things in my life. I am excited to dig into his word and learn with other women like me, and even those who aren't like me. I am excited to get out of my box and meet new believers. I believe with all my heart that this weekend is going to be amazing.

I am excited for the plans he has for all of our hearts while we're there. I am excited about refreshing my heart and my mind in a new place rather than the comfort of my own home, bible study group, and church. I'm just really excited about the whole thing. I feel like it's always good to be able to get away for a couple hours or days and just be able to spend time with God and God alone without distraction. I think often times in our daily routine we don't get to spend enough time with him or it gets interrupted or simply put on the back burner, and to get away with God is always good. I'm excited because I know that he can do big things in the hearts and minds of everyone there and I believe that he will.

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  1. Hey, your Facebook and blog inspired me to do what everyone has been telling me to: write. I just want you to know that God's grace and mercy that dwells in you is a huge blessing.